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The Maharashtra Government has authorised its official textbook publisher Balbharati to collect ROYALTY from Publishers & others using its textbooks to make notes, question papers, test series, workbooks, guides etc. which will greatly add to the cost of education & increase the already exorbitant burden on the students & Parents.

They have enabled this by a Copy Rights Act through which they plan to enforce the usage content from text books published by the government of Maharashtra under a Licensing & Payments system.

The government is it seems contemplating establishment of monumental LICENSE RAJ system in education by making it compulsory for Educational Content makers, developers & providers to take license from the government upon payment & there is envisaged a system for penalties & punishments for its violation..

Nowhere in the world should such a system exist. This is like taxing students & parents for education & we are of the opinion that not only should the government clarify all the ambiguities & doubts but the new ACT MUST BE WITHDRAWN.

This petition seeks to draw the attention of the Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister & Chief Minister, Maharashtra (Mr. Devendra Fadnavis) to the plight of students, parents & all stakeholders in the education ecosystem and requests the Chief Minister to at least grant an in-depth hearing to all stakeholders before implementing the draconian provisions.

Advocate Vivek Sharma

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